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Prologue: Before is Now

Before the Beginning,
The Egg,
Simply, infinitely being,
Unimpeded, and
The Word.
Manifestation and Light
Echoes upon echoes,
And flicked bits of abounding Being,
Beating their way,
Every which way,
At speeds, dizzying and blinding,
Beyond earthly grasp,
At speeds stilled,
By immeasurably

Uncounted galaxies.
Antares, Arcturus,
Jupiter and little Mercury,
Moons and comets
Seas and depths and heights,
Seeds and soil, sand and dust,
Mammoths and mites,
Atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons,
Becoming, articulating
The Mystery of Being
We have named God.
The Twin dwells among us
And exhales its
First Breath,
Its Spirit.
We come to be,
Seed carried on this
Draft of life
Scattering itself
In a way
We have named Love.

Are we the Twin?
Made flesh over and over,
Ever taught that what we do
We do to the Twin
Alive in us?

And so we glimpse
The glory of Being.
In its Fullness
We have our being,
We set about and wait
On its fulfillment in us.
Perhaps in vain, perhaps not.

Shall we worship?

copyright by Paul G. Charbonneau

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