Pure thoughts do not eliminate your racism, sexism, and other isms…

A few months ago I was contacted by the husband of a white woman who told me she and a friend was working on a project called “White Nonsense Roundup.” He wanted me to give them coverage. We did a Skype interview and I posted the article. It got over 41K likes and 215K views. Hell, their page is now five times as large as mine. I guess politics is too boring for most. These were two Progressive white women intent on making a difference and that they are doing.

One of the reasons I am empathetic with most people from those who think they are good to the deplorables and racists is because I know we all have the mechanism to change. In my interview with these women, I inadvertently made a couple sexist mistakes that I did not realize till my avid readers explained it to me. I’ve since corrected that issue just like I have corrected the other prejudices that I am aware of or made aware of.

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