Push the Limits

1.  When we battle anxious moments,

Eager to be free from fear,

When our past controls our present

And the future’s far from clear,

Then it is we seek for courage;

Strength to stand and persevere;

May clear words of hope and challenge

Stir within, that we may hear.


2.  As we come upon a dogma

Which prevents inquiry,

We will quietly ask the question,

“Is this what faith’s meant to be?”

As we push beyond the limits,

Not intent on certainty,

We are seeking, we are searching

For the truth to set us free.


3.  Hear the challenge, “Push the limits.

Cross the bound’ries.  Question, Why?

Brave the edges.  Risk correction.

Don’t be frightened.  Don’t be shy.”

Sacredness within our being

Craves the confidence to fly;

By our searching, in our struggling

We press on to reach the sky.



Tune: Bithynia D

[Ed. note: also works well with the Austrian Hymn (Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken)]



George Stuart has several self-published volumes of new lyrics to well-known hymn tunes.  Check out his website at sites.google.com/site/george007site or email him at george.stuart@exemail.com.au


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