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Reading Between The Lines: Lessons from the Revised Common Lectionary – Year B

This RBTL resource follows the Revised Common Lectionary with text selections for Year B. There are 52 lessons for each volume/year.

Each weekly lesson includes the RCL Weekly Text; Entering the Story: a brief historical contextual place-marker; Exploring the Story: a series of guided questions leading the participants towards the connection between the text and themselves; Between the Lines: various RBTL contributors’ musings on the text, lesson, or the supplemental readings; and Exploring Further: supplemental material which allows the users to journey deeper into the story through the use of excerpted readings from essays, novels, news/media sources, poetry, and art and music.

Each volume contains a Table of Contents with clickable links to each lesson, bibliographical references and credits and bonus FURTHER EXPLORATION sections (six per volume) which are seasonal reflections on spirituality related topics.

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