Reading Between The Lines: Lessons from the Revised Common Lectionary Year B

Advent 1: The Reign of Christ by William L. Dols


William L. Dols, Ph.D. is an author and the founding editor of The Bible Workbench (now Reading Between The Lines). Bill created The Bible Workbench as LIFETEXT  in 1990 while Executive Director of The Educational Center (where he served from 1987-1995). Bill is the author of four books, he wrote for and contributed to Reading Between The Lines for over 25 years, and as an Episcopal priest served congregations in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.

This resource follows the Revised Common Lectionary with text selections for Years A, B and C. There are 53 lessons for each volume offering users a bonus lesson for each of the three lectionary years. All weekly lessons were written by Bill and he selected all of the accompanying supplemental reading materials. Each weekly lesson includes the Weekly Text; Entering the Story: a brief historical contextual place-marker; Exploring the Story: a series of guided questions leading the participants towards the connection between the text and themselves; Between the Lines: various RBTL contributors’ musings on the text, lesson, or the supplemental readings; and Exploring Further: supplemental resources allowing the users to journey deeper into the story through the use of excerpted readings from essays, novels, news/media sources, poetry, and art and music; and the Weekly Bibliography:  bibliographical references and credits including links to articles and poems.

Note: *** Each print volume includes a free electronic copy (via email PDF) ***a

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