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Praise universal wisdom; be thankful for what you learn.
You who seek insights, advocate for self-knowledge,

If you yearn for serenity and long for purer motivation,
praise insights about yourself; for it is creates happiness

Our most profound needs advise us to refine thoughts and raise consciousness;
such enlightenment soars above all other forms of knowledge

It raises us on understanding until we stand above base desires
Connected with our highest selves, we can tap realizations that transcend words:
a blissful flow of awareness; as deep as oceans and as wide as the horizon

A desire for honest insights about ourselves causes realizations to rise. Such realizations start out vague, like water vapor. Then accumulate upwards into clouds to produce refreshing rain.  Sudden flashes of inspiration break like lightning, and thunderous insights boom.  Fresh breezes cleanse stale attitudes.

The power of insights releases pent-up anger and frustration.
It sends repressed feelings to find appropriate expression

Our self realization undermines those who try to control us;
it defies bullying dysfunction and destroys the might of hidden agendas

Only insights about who we are eradicates self-destructive habits
A morsel of self realization brings down great compulsive cravings and destroys illusions of false happiness
Its reality creates a resource to pass on to others: a heritage of authority and soundness

Realizations about what happened and how it affects us lives forever
It adds to our legacy of resolved issues that breaks the inherited patterns of many generations

Personal insights obliterate evasion with the radiance of realization
So turn back from the accumulation of illusory gain;
what you see outside yourself contains no wisdom

Foolish mouths cannot speak insights; shuttered eyes cannot discern honesty, locked ears are deaf to reality. Those who do not seek insights have crawled into the cave of their own darkness to die; their friends shadow their shame, and those who depend on them hide from light.  Their families grope in a nightmare of gloom.  All those who deny insights head for the same sealed end

Be thankful for the sight of ever-opening insights, you who seek enlightened happiness;
you who want to see beyond the next situation and into certainty of who you are;
you who look for an inner landmark, be thankful for the heights of self awareness

© Richard Holdsworth 2012



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