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Responsive Reading

Leader: The presence of God is surely in this place.

People: The presence of God is everywhere.

Leader: We open our hearts to receive the presence of God in this place, at this time.

People: We seek ways to express the presence of God in all places, at all times.

Leader: We gather here to remind ourselves and each other that God is everywhere at all times.

People: God is in all people, in all things, in all places, and in all circumstances.

All: To see god where we expect to find god, we open our eyes.  To see God everywhere, we must open our hearts.

(Written for a Sunday when “Surely the Presence” was the choral introit.)


Topics: Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 3: Inclusive Community and Point 8: Compassion and Selfless Love. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons and Pentecost. Prayers: Call to Worship and Invocation. Resource Types: Practice, Prayers, and Readings.

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