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Rev. Jasper Peters preaching at the Iliff School of Theology


Rev. Jasper D. Peters is Lead Pastor at Belong Church in Denver.

“I was born and raised here in Denver. I grew up in a church that was less than a mile from where Belong is now where both my parents served as pastors. Though I was raised in church, and came to love Jesus at an early age, I also experienced great brokenness in many Christian communities. For a time I walked away from faith completely. I am grateful for the persistent love of God that brought me back into community.

Belong Church has grown out of a recognition that the church is called to invite all of God’s children into community, to be transformed, and to transform the world through justice and mercy. Most of the folks in our community have had moments where the church hasn’t done a great job of living up to that goal, myself included. I am called to a model of pastoral ministry where we walk together, learn together, and support one another to do the work of God’s kingdom.

God has been good to me and full of grace through all my life. Now, though it seems nearly impossible, my vocation is to invite others to recognize and share that same divine love and grace with others. I am lucky enough to be joined by my wife Kimberly, and our two sons who keep our hearts and our schedules full.”

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