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Monthly eBulletin Ritual Within Sacred Community

This month we continue our dialogue on Sacred Community as we delve into the topic of Ritual. How important is ritual in sacred community? How can we evolve our rituals so they are meaningful and relevant? And in what ways are we inspired by sharing rituals with our community? This and more…

Some of the most treasured and meaningful moments in my life were spent in church, holding hands in a circle with my community. It came at the end of each service. It was the same song each week. Just a simple mantra- Alleluia- and the same tune. Even as a child, I was aware of the energy flowing from my hands into the person next to me. I often cried. After a few verses of Alleluia we would continue with the same tune, humming. The pastor would close the service in those moments- while we hummed, cried, swayed, and held hands – with words of love and reminders of intention. I always felt connected to something much deeper than just that brief moment in time. I felt supported, comforted, safe, held, and gently reminded of how much I valued the extended family of my church.

Whether ritual brings us a sense of comfort or a connection with the divine and our sacred oneness- there is something so potent and meaningful in the knowing what words or actions will be shared, in the continuity and consistency of ritual. And even more so when those words and actions are sacred to us. As progressive Christians, we are called to hold space for that knowing and familiarity while at the same time to not be afraid to evolve our rituals so that they continue to be relevant and meaningful to us. A delicate balance for sure….

This has been a delightful dialogue. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


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