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Rollbacks : An Assault Against Life on Earth

ROLLBACKS, An Assault Against Life on Earth from Old Dog Documentaries.

Greta Thunberg speaking out so clearly and confidently and with such urgency, both gives us hope and alarms us.

We have hope because there are many, among them many young people, who are stepping up to warn us further about the climate crisis and urging us to take action. We are alarmed, because such young people have had to take it upon themselves to lead the clarion call on climate action.

Our form of action was to produce ROLLBACKS: An Assault Against Life on Earth and make it available to you.

The 29 minute film is meant to be used as a tool for discussion and a resource for knowledge and action. The impact of climate change is undeniable and catastrophic. The recent and ongoing fires in California are a heartbreaking demonstration of this. The Trump administration has met this crisis by systematically and efficiently enacting an alarming number of regulatory rollbacks, reversing past policy progress and putting our very existence at risk.

Because we are in a crisis and urgent action is essential, Old Dog Documentaries is offering the film FREE OF CHARGE to view and to share. The film is available directly on our website: Also available is a Discussion Guide, that we hope will help to stimulate ideas and understanding.

We encourage students, parents, academics, climate activists, non-activists, nonprofit organizations, faith leaders & institutions–EVERYONE–to share this film.

Screen the film at your organizing meetings, rallies, vigils, in classrooms, voter registration drives, congregational meetings, anywhere and everywhere it can make a difference.

ROLLBACKS is an urgent call to action, a galvanizing resource to use, now and through the U.S. election cycle.

We must work together to reverse this crisis. Before it is too late.

Thank you!

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