Saving Jesus Redux – Home Edition

Saving Jesus Redux Home Editionis a 12-episode video exploration of a credible Jesus for the 21st Century. Join 25 experts for a conversation around the relevance of Jesus for today. Already utilized by hundreds of progressive Christian communities, Saving Jesus is now available in a Home Edition licensed for private home viewing. Two DVD discs with twelve 30-minute episodes.


1. Intro: Jesus Through the Ages – Marcus Borg
2. Who Was Jesus? – Walter Brueggemann
3. What Can We Know About Jesus (and How)? – Ron Buford
4. The World Into Which Jesus Was Born – Diana Butler Bass
5. Jesus’ Birth: Incarnation – Minerva Carcaño
6. Teachings of Jesus: Wisdom Tradition – John B. Cobb Jr.
7. Jesus’ Program: The Kingdom of God – John Dominic Crossan
8. Jesus’ Ministry of Compassion – Yvette Flunder
9. Who Killed Jesus? – James A. Forbes Jr.
10. The Atonement – Matthew Fox
11. The Resurrection of Christ – Lloyd Geering
12. Why Jesus Is Worth Saving
* Hans Küng
* Amy-Jill Levine
* Brian McLaren
* Robin Meyers
* Rita Nakashima Brock
* Culver “Bill” Nelson
* Rebecca Ann Parker
* Stephen Patterson
* Helen Prejean
* Bernard Brandon Scott
* John Shelby Spong
* Dave Tomlinson
* Emilie Townes
* Winnie Varghese

Saving Jesus Redux Home Edition is licensed for private home viewing only, all other rights reserved. This DVD is not closed captioned.  Unauthorized duplication, exhibition and/or distribution of this product is a violation of applicable laws and is strictly prohibited. A public-use version of LtQ2 is available at HERE and includes downloadable participant and leader resources for small group study.

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