Schmookler on human nature. Organizing tool for Progressives. Dems better for the economy.


Brought to you by Egberto Willies: Andy Schmookler continues his series. This time, we discuss human nature and nurture. Shire’s Erica Chomsky discusses a tool for progressive organizing. Did you know Dems are better for the economy?

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Andy Schmookler discusses whether it is human nature or nurture that determines our behavior.

The question of “human nature” has always been central to my life’s work — A BETTER HUMAN STORY: important for understanding what has happened to us as a species, and for understanding the challenges humankind must meet for our civilization to avoid destroying itself.

Erica Chomsky, Shire’s Chief Strategist and Partnership Officer, discusses their volunteer platform.

Shire brings volunteering home. From sign-up to action, the digital platform makes it easy to onboard, train, and communicate with volunteers from anywhere on Earth.

Democrats are far better than Republicans for both the economy and debt: BY A BUNCH!

Republicans give the impression that they are best for the economy. The numbers and facts prove absolutely that Democrats are much better on both the economy and debt.

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