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Is resurrection just a story
Or is it the uncovering of our sight
Some of the greatest followers
Did not recognize the one they once knew
Unable to perceive the truth
Is this because the Holy One
Was a vision of transformation
Yet inconceivable by the blinded eye

Look closely at those we have excluded
They have not changed
Because they have revealed
What was within their empty and lonely tombs
Instead they have come to be united
Joined with the very one who was called μονογενής
The unique child of god
Christ is the revelation of true seeing
A beloved beholder of recollection

To those who have come out
And to those who remain hidden behind heavy stones
Help us to notice what you are becoming
And let us find you still remain
In the very name given to you
By the water and by the spirit

May we recognize the kingdom
In our very midst
And as we walk the Emmaus road
And hear the holy words, “stay with us”
Let us then go and eat together
Knowing we are called to do this
In remembrance of the one
We sometimes too can forget
To truly accept and truly see

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