Today it is hard to find silence

We are bombarded by noise from all sides

And when we actually might be able to find silence

We destroy it by turning on some noise

In order to find distraction from ourselves

Because we are restless

Uncomfortable in our own skins.


If we experience the stillness of silence

We might have to look deep inside ourselves

And we are not sure if we would like what we would find.


Mother Teresa said “God is the friend of silence”

The trees, plants and flowers all grow in silence

The sun, moon and stars all move in silence.


Let us take a few moments to enjoy silence

To allow ourselves to be who we are

To be comfortable with who we are

To allow the divine to flow through us.

Submitted by Roger Courtney, Ireland


Review & Commentary

  • David Higgs

    I learned about silence when I began attending a Quaker meeting twenty years ago. Though my time with the “Friends” lasted only a few years I have fostered attentive silence in my spiritual practice ever since. I tried Eastern meditation several times over the years, but it never quite took. It was as not, as William James said, a “living option” for me. Silence can be used with a directed spiritual focus, or a more open ended approach. It is amazing what just five minutes of silence once a day can do for me. I try to get a half hour of continous silence once a week. silence, it’s underrated. 🙂

    ~ Best, David