Simply Pray

Drawing from the wisdom of the world’s religions, Simply Pray offers readers an easy-to-use modern prayer practice free from any particular theological orientation. Wikstrom identifies and defines the four major types of prayer that are practiced by all the world’s major religions: • “Naming” the many ways in which the holy is present in daily life and the wider world • “Knowing” the self introspectively—both in its strengths and weaknesses • “Listening” to the “voice of quiet stillness” that resides in each individual • “Loving” by reaching out to the world Simply Pray uses these four core prayer types to develop a modern worship practice, using prayer beads as a frame of reference. The book offers illustrated prayer-bead techniques that can be used directly or customized for personal use. There are also helpful tips on how to make prayer a part of your daily routine, as well as how to to make prayer beads and the benefits of using them: • Prayer beads serve as a focus for meditation. Much more than a mnemonic aid to prayer, prayer beads engage the senses to create a state of mindfulness. • Prayer beads are mobile altars. Simply touching the beads as they rest in a pocket, briefcase, or purse brings a prayerful presence to mundane moments. • Prayer beads serve as reminders of prayer and help keep track of prayers. Simply Pray is for anyone who is seeking a modern prayer practice that is deeply rooted in world tradition.

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