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Sing a New Love Song

Sing a new love song; for in every moment, compassion does marvelous things: its power dissipates hate and revenge.  Compassion creates contagious miracles


Compassion rescues those who have no hope: compassion relieves the desolate and strengthens those who despise themselves


Kindness nourishes those who choose it; it strengthens with mercy. Even in the most distant isolation and the most awful despair, compassion is available: nowhere is far from compassion


Show your tenderness with pride, tell people about it; gives thanks for it; sing it out; share it around; don’t be shy!


Reveal forgiveness, speak peace, sing mercy, play musical sounds of reconciliation, express compassion in the arts.  Keep compassion in religion!


With tools, kitchen utensils, computers, televisions, planes, ships, cars, trains boats, let compassion sound!


Hear the sea of passion roar with commitment; the sky of expectation blaze in glory, the rain of nourishment pour generously, trees of equanimity shade with harmony.  In fields of confidence where we sow compassion, healing germinates


Let the inner thunder rumble, the passionate lightning flash, the emotional floods fill us, the drought of despair empty from us—all through our compassion


Be joyful in compassion while you can; for by the time you can no longer love, it will be too late for regrets!


Let kindness be your guide and mentor; compassion your boss and friend; forgiveness your family and club.  Let kind acts of love be the judge, jury and conviction


Commit to compassion, beyond the point of no return



© Richard Holdsworth 2012


Topics: Devotional and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 8: Compassion and Selfless Love. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons. Resource Types: Practice, Readings, and Spiritual Journey Reflections.

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