Sing and Dance and Play with Joy, Inclusive Songs for Young Children

Jann Aldredge-Clanton and Larry E. Schultz

With composer Larry Schultz


This collection offers a theologically rich and musically flexible resource for those who lead young children in music experiences in the church or at home. These songs include female and male divine images to teach the foundational biblical truth that male and female of all races are created equally in the divine image (Genesis 1:27). The music, teaching ideas, and activities can enhance the work of preschool church music groups and children’s choirs, and can be used in Church School classes, Vacation Bible Schools, daycare programs, music camps, and worship experiences for young children. The songs and activities in this collection teach children fairness, kindness, peace, sharing, helping others, and caring for the earth. Sing and Dance and Play with Joy: Inclusive Songs for Young Children comes with the hope that all children will learn an expansive theology of God and an ethic of equality and fairness in human relationships.

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