Sing It Forward

Sing It Forward, a collection of progressive lyrics for congregational singing, gives you back the music you once loved to sing. Using the tunes of traditional hymnody, this inspirational compilation from a variety of writers, including Scott Kearns and Gretta Vosper, uses contemporary, everyday language to raise up all the important aspects of a well-intentioned life. Tested at West Hill United in Toronto, Ontario – a progressive community of faith growing out of the Christian tradition – this collection of rewritten hymns and new compositions are a must have for any congregation moving in a progressive direction.

Topics: Arts and Music, Devotional, and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Eight points. Resource Types: Listen and Music.

Review & Commentary

  • Karen

    How can I buy “Sing it Forward”?

    Karen Bauch

    • Deshna Ubeda

      We now have copies in our store- just click on the Buy Now button above.

  • Elma de Vries

    How can I buy a copy of “Sing it forward”?

  • Gregory Richmond

    If you are an atheist, sorry post theist, and still depend upon a Christian denomination for financial support and a pension, this book is for you!