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Small Group Prayer

O God, our lives are like a journey, and this Small Group experience has been like  a wayside inn where we have paused  to be refreshed and reinvigorated for the next stage.

Hear our  prayers of thanks for the friendships we have made,  the insights we have gained,  the support we have  received, the talents and gifts we have shared.

Hear also our prayers for the days ahead. Fill us with the energy of your love for facing the challenges we will meet.

Grant us the wisdom to make wise choices, especially when those choices have to do with loving mercy, doing justice, and walking humbly with You.

Surprise us with  your joy  in those times that we walk in sadness, or have days when everything goes wrong.

Deepen in us your peace  when distress and the world’s turmoil hold sway over us.

Keep alive in us the courage of trusting You in those times when fear  threatens, or when we struggle with the disciplines of spiritual growth.

Walk with each of us in our variety of needs, challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities.

May we sense your presence when we are alone,  have time to think and dream, or have serious questions to answer.

And God, as we remember how Jesus of Nazareth walked among us, showing us the way, may  we, too, find ourselves having a closer walk with You.

In Jesus’ name   Amen


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