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Sophie, Milo and the Great Change

Have you ever seen a willabee?

“What’s a willabee?” you might ask.

Well, if you’ve ever been outside chasing a butterfly or climbing a tree or hiking through the woods, I’ll bet some willabees have probably spotted you! They love children most of all and want your world to be beautiful and exciting.

Willabees have been with us for a long time. Their story begins when Sophie and her brother, Milo, discover the Magic Clay. Sophie dreams her little creatures to life with her potter’s hands and her kind heart and Milo gifts their minds with the ability to think and to reason.

Things go along quite well for all 
these new, fun loving creatures until….until…. well, that you must discover for yourself. But when you step into their crazy, mixed up world, you’ll meet a little willa named 
Eshon and you’ll be there when he make an amazing discovery that changes everything!

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.55.25 PM

The following story of Sophie, Milo and the Great Change is one pebble tossed into the sea of wonder and mystery. May its ripples touch your heart and the hearts of your children. Our goal is to reawaken in children a view of the natural world as a living, breathing sanctuary.

In order for us to transcend our mechanistic, materialistic thought system, we simply need to practice visioning with eyes that can see our connectedness through a higher consciousness. Sophie, Milo and the Great Change illustrates a spiral of connection directed from and to the heart.

For a sneak preview of book by clicking below image:

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Jody Walker, M.A believes that behind all the discernible laws and connections, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this incomprehensible essence is her passion. She is a mother of two and grandmother of two and owns a pottery studio called Sacred Earth Art.


Shannon Benson, B.A. Theatre and an Associate’s in Early Childhood/Elementary Education, and working on a BFA in sculpture/illustration. His interest was piqued after hearing Jody speak her poetry and was drawn to the way her wisdom would unfold in stories similar to Jim Henson.

Jody and Shannon have also published The Book of Mem.

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