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“Speak To Us…Let Us Listen”

*Centering Our Souls “Speak To Us … Let Us Listen”

Speak to us earth, ocean, sun, sky, wind, and rain.
Speak to us mountain, valley, forest, desert, wetlands, and prairie.
Speak to us mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish.
Speak to us insects, plants, fungi, and bacteria.
Speak to us of your beauty, grandeur, and grace.
Speak to us of things sublime, mysterious, and awe-inducing.
Throughout all creation, we are given the book of understanding.
Teach us to learn from your ways: how to live in harmony, how to give of ourselves in helping one another, and how to see ourselves as part of a sacred whole.
Let us listen so as to understand.
Let us listen so as to grow.
Let us listen for the still small voice, and for the thunderous acclamation.
Let us listen for the voice of inspiration, and the sound of hope.
Let us listen that we may learn how better to be just and fair.
Let us listen that we may come to be more compassionate and kind. May it be so, now and always.

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