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Spirit of All Freedom

From the Boundless Life collection

Spirit of all freedom,

Mystery unconfined,

Breaking bondage,

Freeing mind,

Life-force we embrace.


Tide of every heart-beat,

Pulse of time and space,

You are God the gifting one,

Source of every grace,

You are God the gifting one,

Source of every grace.


Spirit of all breathing,

Air which we exchange,

Bringing vigor,

Firing change,

Life-force we embrace.



Spirit of all caring,

Healing wounds and tears,

Nursing bodies,

Soothing fears,

Life-force we embrace.



Spirit of all flowing,

Cosmic sap of Earth,

Source of dying,

Source of birth,

Life-force we embrace.



Spirit of all flowering,

Showing beauty’s arts,

Coaxing open

Fearful hearts,

Life-force we embrace.



Text © William Livingstone Wallace. Harmony © Robert Perks

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