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Spirit of Life Prayer

We pray,

conscious that

raising our hearts and minds

is a gift of the Spirit of Life

at work

in the depths of our being.

For the presence of that Spirit in us, we give thanks.


We pray,

conscious that

our prayer

gives the Spirit

a way of breaking into word and song

unique in all the universe.

For the words and songs within each of us, we give thanks.


We pray,


we are bearers of a treasure,

the Spirit of Life

blessing us with a variety of gifts.

For the treasures we each bear, we give thanks.


We pray,

mindful of the men and women

throughout human history

who allowed the Spirit of Life

to work in them

for the betterment

of our world and humanity.

For their lives and their inspiration, we give thanks.


We pray,

remembering Jesus

who so allowed the Spirit of Life

to move in his life

that in him we have seen

the perfect expression

of the Spirit in human form.

For Jesus and all he means to us, we give thanks.


We pray,

challenged by Jesus

to allow his life

to be a mirror for us

so that we might live life in all its fullness.


We pray,


of all that has brought us together,

of the Spirit at work in our lives

and of what may be possible

if we allow the Spirit

to work freely in each of us.


We pray,


the Spirit of Life, Love, and Goodness

to move freely in our words and actions.


Silent reflection.


From “Praying a New Story” by Michael Morwood.  Used with permission.

Topics: Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons. Resource Types: Practice and Prayers.

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