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Spiritual Tools

Dear Companions,

Many of us are feeling post-election trauma and are sensitive to the great disturbance occurring in the “collective field”.

As difficult as this is, it is calling us as a spiritual community to galvanize our strength, stand together and stay fiercely connected to our core. It’s important to stay committed to our spiritual practices so we can be fully present.

Today I want to offer you some FREE tools to help you get grounded, centered, and ready to meet the challenges ahead.


This is the TIME we have all been preparing for. So let’s stay focused andconscious. It is time to usher in the new paradigm.

TOOL #1 – FREE PODCASTS on Passion – The message here is to find your Passion. Speak out. Channel your anger. Take Action.

TOOL #2 – FREE MEDITATION on Peace – Focuses on becoming the Peace we need to usher in, especially amidst our outrage and frustration.

Please forward these spiritual tools on to your own communities. Keep sharing. Be fierce. Let our LOVE be ACTION.



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