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SPIRITUALITY Poem: On P-S-S Vision Article 3-15-09

–C2009 Dennis Bruce Dickey Page 1 Of 2 Pages

SPIRITUALITY POEM: Plumer-Sorenson-Swecker Vision 2009 article, poet’s interpretation

Expressing content of the Article, Spirituality: Plumer-Sorenson-Swecker Vision 2009, in poetic format:


[ 1 ] The realist poet might say
Looking at the addictions to
Quantification and logic and math
And empiricism and the deductive,
That, first, must be pealed away.

[ 2 ] The realist poet might reflect,
More, saying then, that fears
And the survival and the herd action
Instincts of the collective protection,
That, second, must be pealed away.

[ 3 ] The realist poet might contemplate,
Something, understanding that fears
Guilts, worry systems, shame talks
And the superstition tradition, ahh,
That, third, must be pealed away.

[ 4 ] The realist poet might discover now,
Reason, the diminishing of one has
Results, justice is a tug of war, human
Can feel patronizing condescension,
That, fourth, must be pealed away.

[ 5 ] The realist poet stumbles into another,
Emotion and sickness same, the childhood
Horrors, trauma in brutality, abuse of uncle’s
Power, smell of war on relatives, failure
That, fifth, must be peeled away.

[ 6 ] The realist poet falls down into a pit,
And someone says, ‘compassion’. That,
Ohhh, conformity broken; gift. Perversion
Of conscience hammered in. Exception.
That, sixth, must be peeled away.

[ 7 ] The realist poet, naked, stares blankly
At Piaget child, the toy spontaneously
Shared in pure birth innocence. Odd, this.
A new, quiet, place of freedom. No self.
That, seventh, must be peeled away.

[ 8 ] The realist poet is now fearless, alone, happy.
What is this place? The sign reads:
“Spirituality”. The Unseen, Unknown Face
To Whom human barbarism is endless tears.
Pure Love. A lifetime of searching. Home.

(See Page 2 of 2 Pages, for progressive values development)

POEM: Page 2 Of 2 Pages–Poet’s Interpretation
[ [ POET’S FUTURIST MEDITATION: SIGNS. Artist’s interpretation of reflections on Bruce Sanguin.
Our Progressive Christian Values, As They Spread In North America And Europe, And In Stages, Into The Worldwide Future:
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

University bell towers announce warning, requiring responsibility for the New World Cultural Reformation. Multi-national conferences on the new Swedish National Declaration on Spirituality spur worldwide conferences on spiritual depth.

National Cathedral Bells announce warning, requiring
responsibility to implement new U.N.Treaty against weapons profiteering from vengeance, and drafting the poor into armies.
World Court at the Hague adds new world law to the Geneva Conventions: All Elected Leaders As Affiliates of the United Nations Worldwide Must Pass New Universal Written Test For Sociopathic Illness. All capitalist corporation officers must be tested for psychopathic and sociopathic symtoms.

Bells at all religious buildings ring out, celebrating
The New Confession–“Poverty And War Are The Same Thing. Our Old, Tradition-Teachings On Poverty And War Were Erroneous. Our own teachings have facilitated endless horrors.”

All City Halls’ bell towers ring out the warning. The New Reformation declares: The citizen necessity for paid time with family and community is now the Priority National Emergency.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Pastoral Counselors professionally certified in Psychoanalytic Therapy. Mahayana Masters and scholarly Islamic Imams praise Progressive Christianity. World religious commence separating neuroses from their spirituality consciousness. Superstition and personal mental illnesses are peeled away.

World religious are assisted to clearly see difference between conscience and healthy spirituality. Layers of unhealthy fears and guilts are peeled away. Religions face shock waves involving massive changes.

Clergy of all religions emphasize the New Reformation consciousness–all humans are intrinsically inseparable. The needs of one are the needs of all. The narcissist leader is both mentally ill and evil, the destroyer of human community. Capitalism in the West is re-defined.

The layers have been peeled away. In the silence of meditation, the human has encountered the freedom for mature love. Love is its own Source, and Motivation. ] ]

C2009 Dennis Bruce Dickey

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