Spring is Coming: Resources for Lent


Here’s a one-stop-shop roundup of SALT’s resources for Lent, from devotionals to short films to clip art. Now is the perfect time to spice up your congregation’s plans for outreach, engagement, and spiritual formation — and digital, printable, and film resources are more practical than ever.

Here’s a quick overview of SALT’s Customizable Short Films and Printable/Digital Resources for Lent (click here to find out more about what a Customizable Short Film is, and how it can enhance your church’s website, worship, and social media engagement).


Into the Wild: A Family-Friendly Devotional on Henri Matisse and the Season of Lent

The Season of Lent is a walk into the wild, a 40-day adventure filled with wild beasts, wild love, challenges, visions – and bold, bright colors. In this family-friendly Lenten devotional full of Scripture, art, and activities, we take this adventure with Henri Matisse, the artist who declared his “masterpiece” to be the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, France.


Henri Matisse and the Colors of Lent: A Lenten Devotional

SALT’s Matisse devotional for grown-ups (the family-oriented one is above), a deeper dive into Lent’s big ideas, Matisse’s astonishing art, and engaging weekly practices. From the gray of Ash Wednesday to the dawn of Easter Sunday, Lent is a journey through color — so what better guides than Scripture and Matisse?


Lent: Into the Wild (film)

This Customizable Short Film that evokes Lent’s journey into the wilderness with the beautiful art of Henri Matisse, creating an invitation into the mysteries of vulnerability, adventure, and joy. And it comes with a full suite of Matisse clip art for Lent, perfect for bulletins, screens, and social media.


Wendell Berry and the Sabbath Poetry of Lent

In this Lenten devotional, biblical texts and simple practices walk hand-in-hand with Berry’s vision of sabbath and the natural world. All you’ll need is your favorite Bible and Berry’s This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems. Journey through the season with Wendell Berry as your guide! And here’s a lovely ”Lent Wendell Berry Collection” of clip art for bulletins, screens, and social media (drawn from the same art that appears in the devotional).


Vincent van Gogh and the Beauty of Lent: A Lenten Devotional

The son of a Christian pastor, Vincent van Gogh devoted his life to light — making him a perfect companion on this pilgrimage of “lengthening light” (that’s how “Lent” gets its name!). In this devotional, the words of Scripture and the paintings and letters of Van Gogh will be our guides, pointing toward simple, powerful practices you can try each week. Sunflowers and starry nights await!


Floriography: A Lenten “Flower Power” Calendar

At its heart, Lent is a pathway from fallow ground into flowers — and this printable, flexible, interactive calendar (44 cards in all) can help you and your family anticipate and celebrate the blooms along the way. A wonderful blend of art, science, and delight known as “floriography,” the secret language of flowers.

Bless This Mess: DIY Lenten Calendar

Lent is a journey of transformation — and transformations are messy. This printable calendar (40 cards in all) will help you and your household focus on God’s inspiring love and justice, “blessing this mess” as we walk with Jesus through the shadows of death into newness of life.

Emily Dickinson and the Poetry of Lent

Lent is a change of seasons — and Dickinson was an avid gardener. In this Lenten devotional, biblical texts and accessible practices weave together with Dickinson’s poetic vision (all the poems in the devotional can be found online). Week by week, we’ll walk through the garden together toward Easter morning.


Holy Week Tenebrae: A Home-Based Devotional

“Holy Week Tenebrae” is a fresh, familiar way to explore the deeper meanings of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. Candles are lit with the “hosannas” of Palm Sunday; extinguished, one by one, as the week unfolds; and finally restored to a new splendor on Easter morning. Each day includes a simple, evocative order of service.


40-Day “Love Builds Up” Family Challenge

The perfect way for families of all shapes and sizes to strengthen spiritual muscles and emotional health during Lent. We could all use a little training — and a little practice!


The Poetry of Lent: A Lenten Companion to Mary Oliver’s “Devotions”

Imagine a six-week journey with Mary Oliver at your side, illuminating ancient passages of scripture; provoking bite-sized meditations on key Lenten themes; and pointing toward everyday practices for individuals, families, and congregations. All you need is this printable devotional, a Bible, and a copy of Oliver’s wonderful collection, Devotions (the poems can also be found online).


The Poetry of Lent

This Customizable Short Film frames Lent as a time of longing and making ourselves ready for God’s season of resurrection. Pair it with SALT’s Lenten downloadable devotional, “The Poetry of Lent: A Lenten Companion to Mary Oliver’s ‘Devotions’” and/or our “Lent Mary Oliver Collection” clip art for bulletins and screens (drawn from the same art that appears in the film and devotional). Combine these resources and — voila! — you’ve got yourself an affordable, appealing, holistic approach to the Lenten season.


Breaking the Chains: A Family-Friendly Lenten Devotional

Everything you need to build a 40-link paper chain, with each link an invitation to let words of Scripture and daily practices of liberation inspire us along the way. Each day, break a link in the chain (purple links for the 40 days of Lent, and white links for the 7 Sundays) and take part in God’s chain-breaking, art-making, world-changing grace — all the way to the joyful freedom of Easter morning!


Practicing Lent

This accessible, modern devotional might just be the perfect companion to your family’s (or congregation’s) Lenten journey. Thoughtful, tenderly written, and provocative, each week will challenge you and your community to see the hope and light all around, even as you stay present and awake to the injustices of the world. 

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