Standing Rock Allies Resource Packet


nodapl-1Water Protectors gather after a day of prayer and direct action. (Photo: Desiree Kane)

Recommended reading: “To my people traveling to Standing Rock… Several other trainers and I put these resources together for folks that are navigating the complexities of power, privilege, settler colonialism, shame, solidarity, support, taking leadership from Indigenous communities and taking action. These are resources for folks who are traveling to the frontlines to stand with the water protectors. These are resources for folks who want to show up and come correct in spaces of Indigenous resistance and resurgence. We created this resource packet so folks would take on the work of educating themselves and avoid putting unnecessary labor on water protectors who are winterizing their camps and organizing actions. This is by no means the definitive perspective on solidarity, nor is it a list of items to check off. It’s an opening, an invitation for supporters to have conversations with each other about how we can do better. An opportunity to think critically about yourself, how you show up, and your role in this beautiful struggle. This is about reflecting on how you can come in a good way, and not about how to be “right.” For those who are camping in Oceti Sakowin, check the cultural protocols document I worked on with guidance from camp elders. Please share widely and leave constructive feedback. I love you. Let’s shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline.”
The following four documents were prepared by members of the Solidariteam. The Oceti Sakowin Camp Protocols were written with camp elders.

If You’re Thinking About Going to Standing Rock

Joining Camp Culture

Oceti Sakowin Camp Protocol: 7 Lakota Values

When You Return Home

Additional Resources

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