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Standing Rock (Loving the Water)


“For all Children and the Next 7 Gerenations, We Stand United with Standing Rock, All Waters of the Earth, and All Life.”
Music Video by Shining Lion and Black Feet.
Download song https://blackfeetmusic1.bandcamp.com/… * Album http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/shininglion

Film credits: Director: Jordan Bloch, Producer: Shine Rilling, Director of Photography: Jerad Hobaugh
Editor: Oliver Oliwa Newell, @Special Thanks Elevate Films for equipment.
Song Credits. Shining Lion, song, vocals, flute, and percussion.Oliwa: Production, drums, bass, guitar, keys.
Alaeika Turquoise: Prayer Shylah Ray: Vocals
Cast: Shining Lion, Shylah Ray Sunshine, Alaeika Turquoise Rilling, Pako Rilling, Marie Sol, Ana Maria Phillips, Líchayan Jen Elyse, Fruit Tree, Bridget O’Rell, Ahura Mazda Infinity, Andrew Ranjbaran, Sophia Billikopf.

Huge thank you to everyone unitiing to protect and love the waters of earth.
-Spotify: “Shining Lion” and “Black Feet One Tribe”
-Sound Cloud: Shining Lion and Black Feet
-Band Camp: Shining Lion and Black Feet
-Facebook: Shining Lion and Black Feet

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