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Starting Spiritual Direction: A Guide to Getting Ready, Feeling Safe, and Getting the Most Out of Your Sessions

Starting spiritual direction for the first time? This book tells you everything you need to know.

Rev. Dr. John R. Mabry can help. He has been a spiritual director for nearly twenty years, and is the director of the interfaith spiritual direction certificate program at the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, California.

Starting Spiritual Direction is one of the first books on spiritual direction written for people who are receiving spiritual direction, rather than giving it. In a friendly, easy-to-read style, Dr. Mabry tells you everything you need to know to make your spiritual direction sessions a sacred and fruitful time.


In this book, you’ll discover:

-the history of spiritual direction

-what happens in a spiritual direction session

-how to prepare for a spiritual direction session

-things your spiritual director is likely to say to you

-what your spiritual director expects from you

Starting Spiritual Direction is an essential guide for anyone who is new to spiritual direction. If you like spiritual authors who understand what you are going through, and can talk to you like a trusted friend, you’ll love Starting Spiritual Direction.

Buy Starting Spiritual Direction today and get ready for your spiritual direction session!

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