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Stewards of the Climate

We are the stewards of this wondrous earth

With all its teeming life of priceless worth;

In all creation God is thus revealed

In birds and beasts, in forests and each field;

We offer thanks for all of nature’s grace;

For God is present in each time and place.


How dare we then abuse this sacred trust

Because of comfort, pleasure, greed or lust;

Yet endless is our thirst for energy;

We burn resources quite relentlessly;

We have been warned; but madly we proceed

To try to satisfy this frantic need.


With climate warming, ocean levels rise;

Extremes in weather is a loathsome prize;

Deforestation dries the river bed;

Expanding deserts change the green to red;

We can’t stand by and let these crimes persist;

Stop exploitation. Yes; we must insist!


Let us resolve to change the way we live;

Instead of taking extra, let us give;

Call on our leaders; “Take up Nature’s cause.”

We need sustainability in laws;

God is the one who hurts when things go wrong;

Let nature sing aloud its glorious song.


Suggested tune:  Finlandia


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Topics: Arts and Music, Social & Environmental Ministry, and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 7: Integrity of the Earth. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons and Earth Day. Resource Types: Go Green and Hymns.

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