Stony Trail

On a stony trail through the Sinai wastes

A little family headed south

Father, mother, little babe

A burdened donkey, head drooped down

Leaving home, might never come back

Might not return on the northbound track

Off to college, off to war

Off to travel or explore

Or kicked out of the house in a bad divorce

Or run out of town on a rail, or worse

Or just an urge to get out of Dodge

To find some other place to lodge

Some other way to live and be

Some other kinds of sights to see

The soul stirs and cannot rest

Until it makes another next

For even should the exile end

Home will never be the same again

When it’s time to leave, my soul will know

Will I follow?  Can I let go?


Topics: Devotional and Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: Epiphany. Resource Types: Poetry and Readings.

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