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Strong Love

Look at Jesus; hear the story;

Probe the purpose of his life;

See the struggle and the glory,

All the conflict, all the strife.

Was this man so meek and gentle;

One who wanted peace and calm?

Was his talk of love so central?

Was he one who did no harm?


Jesus often rescued others;

Stood close by those pushed aside;

Called the outcasts sisters, brothers;

Cared for those who had no guide.

But he did not bow to power;

Nor accept the ‘status quo’.

Justice needed strength to flower;

By his love he helped it grow.


Enemies who had no honour,

Those with status, those with rank,

Bought him for some dirty silver;

Full of woe, the cup he drank.

When accused he gave no answer,

Did not flee the angry throng;

Looking at the Roman soldier

Asked forgiveness for his wrong.


Have we seen such love in action?

Have we seen such love so strong?

Love that would not bow or soften

When the use of power was wrong.

Yet this love is pure and gentle

For the weak and for the lost.

Love which God alone can kindle

Given free but at great cost.



Tune: Austrian Hymn (Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken)


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