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Such is Life: A Close Encounter with Ecclesiastes

Winner of the Ashton Wylie award for literary excellence, August 2010.

Though some twenty-three centuries have passed since an anonymous Jewish sage calling himself the Proclaimer (Ecclesiastes) set down his thoughts about life, they are strangely in tune with today’s secular age. It’s surprising, therefore—and some may think outrageous—that they ever found a place in Holy Scripture.

Lloyd Geering has brought Ecclesiastes to life by ingeniously composing imaginative dialogues with the sage, which show that he was a free-thinker, a humanist, and an existentialist. In fact, this biblical heretic essentially undermined the rest of the Hebrew Bible by finding no discernible thread of purpose in the universe or in human existence, and by proposing that though Nature operates in ever-repeating cycles, much of human life is determined by sheer chance.

The role of the sage, as Ecclesiastes saw it, was not to pass on gems of eternal wisdom, but to goad us into thinking things out for ourselves in our search for meaning in life.

“Geering writes in simple and compelling language, conveying a complicated set of ideas in the most accessible way.” Sofia

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