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Will you join us in making a difference for children all over the world? Today, children are seriously undernourished when it comes to spirituality. They are often either taught dogma in Sunday School or secularism at home and in schools. How do children learn to show up in their own authentic and brave joy, if not taught and encouraged to do so? Children need to know that they are Divine beings and that following the path of Jesus in today’s world means being a spiritual warrior of radical inclusion and deep reverence.

We are raising money to complete our unique, deeply inspiring, 1st ever truly progressive Christian children’s curriculum. We have just Year 3 left to complete this age group.

So far, we have raised $35,000 toward our $49,000 goal! Check out our GoFundMe and donate today!

A Joyful Path is truly progressive curriculum that is nature centered, joy-full, compassionate, and intelligent. This behavior over belief curriculum is non-dogmatic, inter-spiritual, and heart centered with an emphasis on the teachings of Jesus and how to follow them in today’s world.

A Joyful Path teaches children to:

-Ask questions and be curious
-Go within and find their own inner guidance and wisdom
-Stay focused, mindful and calm when needed and to discover and harness divine energy
-Be creative, share their gifts and continue learning about their passions
-To take action toward their own successes and happiness
-Find compassion for all beings, to be inclusive and tolerant, to find the divine in All
-Honor, protect, serve, and be in awe of Mother Nature
-To know the history and mythology of our world religions and spiritual paths
-To be heroes and heroines- to be brave, courageous, and to stand for peace and justice…
And much more!

We have already created, completed and released Year 1 and Year 2, but we need to create a Year 3 for this age group to be complete. Churches are asking for it, we just need your help to make this happen! In order to complete Year 3 we need to pay for all the original artwork (each lesson has a full page art piece with a spiritual affirmation for the kids to take home), cover the costs of our amazing authors, editors, graphic design and layout, as well as marketing and printing.

A Joyful Path, Year 1, for ages 6-10 is a spiritual curriculum that connects children with their own inner wisdom and focuses on how we behave affects our happiness. It teaches interdependence, self awareness, respect for nature, stillness, forgiveness, prayer, meditation, integrity, radical inclusion, and experiencing God. Using the Bible, sacred texts, and wisdom stories from around the world, A Joyful Path, Year 1 helps children learn how to follow the path of Jesus in today’s world. In Year 1, we emphasize behavior over belief, teaching reverence and gratitude for this life, supporting children to find their own inner wisdom and to connect to the Spirit and God Within All.

In A Joyful Path, Year 2, for ages 6-10, we focus on the 8 main tenants of Progressive Christianity and Progressive Spirituality, giving our children the foundation they need to walk the path of Jesus in today’s world. It has stories and affirmations written to help children clarify their own personal beliefs while staying open to the wisdom of other traditions.

A Joyful Path, Year 3, is designed for ages 8-11 and dives into the theme of: ALL LIFE IS SACRED, drawing upon the idea that a deep spiritual connection to Mother Earth provides a meaningful and life enhancing path toward wellness and wholeness. Year 3 is looking directly to Earth for the lessons She readily provides. As Jesus reminded us repeatedly, through parable and metaphor, nature and the life happening all around us continually teaches us what we are here to see and know in this life. In Year 3, we use activities, ceremonies, ritual, art, song and movement to teach children about the golden thread of Mysticism from an interfaith and inter spiritual perspective, as well as drawing heavily upon Indigenous Wisdom.

There is no other children’s curriculum out there like this!

Just read some of our testimonials:

“The most common question I’m asked in my speaking engagements these days is this: What do we do for our kids? On the one hand, people don’t want to give their children the same kind of overly literal, superficially moralistic, or doctrinaire approach to the faith they were given. On the other hand, they do want their children to get a rooting in the way of love taught and exemplified by Jesus. I’m so grateful for the pioneering curriculum work being done by A Joyful Path. I can’t wait to see the outcome as kids who grow up with this curriculum face the world of the future.”

Brian D. McLaren / Author, Speaker, Activist


“This book is a giant step forward in teaching real and thoughtful lessons of the Christ path to youngsters. It is so good in fact that sometimes, on reading it, I wished adults were also reading over my shoulder. The instructions are rich in practices the children can engage in while processing the teachings—clearly the authors have lots of experience interacting with kids.”

Matthew Fox / Author of Confessions, Revised and Updated: The Making of a Postdenominational Priest


“Children’s spirituality thrives on playfulness. It demands respect. And it overflows into the lives of others bringing gifts and abundant inner riches. Not surprisingly, then, we were delighted when we had a chance to immerse ourselves in A Joyful Path. Whether you are a parent, a Sunday School teacher, a preacher, a spiritual seeker, or just someone who likes to look at ideas from a child’s point of view, this one’s for you.”

Mary Ann and Frederic Brussat, Spirituality & Practice


“At last, Sunday School lessons for which no apology is necessary.”

James R. Adams, Author of So You Think You’re Not Religious and From Literal to Literacy.


“The innovative Christian Curriculum ‘A Joyful Path‘ endorsed by Mary Ann and Frederic Brussat and John Shelby Spong is a fabulous progressive Christian curriculum for those modern Christian parents who are wise to cherish the work of Progressive Christian movement. I endorse ‘A Joyful Path’ progressive Christianity curriculum for progressive Christian children. If possible, it should be promoted globally. I give you my full morale support. I am with you, I support your curriculum because of the its key specifications including Interdependence, Self- Awareness, Stillness, Forgiveness, prayer, meditation (most important) and Integrity. Congratulations.”

Wong Weng Hon

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