Sustaining Hope in an Unjust World: How to Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

In our faithful work toward building a better world, we may often feel we’re losing the battle. The poor get poorer, the vulnerable continue to be abused, and justice for all is a distant dream. No matter how hard we work, nothing changes. Somedays, we wonder if God is even still with us in the fight.

But what happens, in our striving for social justice, when we discover that God offers us something entirely different than the promise of victory? In this love letter to the disheartened activist, pastor Timothy Murphy reflects on his own journey of disappointments and despair and rediscovers a faith – and a God – who inspires us to continue fighting, even when it feels like we’re losing the battle.

Real-life stories and reflections from the front lines of the social justice movement offer the faithful activist sustenance and companions for the journey. Discussion questions invite deeper personal and group contemplation on how to hold onto faith in difficult times. When the going gets tough, revive your weary spirit with encouragement and lessons from your fellow travelers on the bumpy road to justice.

“Sustaining Hope” is an important, comforting and ultimately powerful book. For me its one I’ll keep with my `special books’ and I know it will be referred to again and again.
Murphy looks honestly yet sympathetically at difficulties faced by progressives in our times . Written in a friendly and straightforward style ,the book provides concrete tools and insights about how to “keep alive the dream” and endure in the face of what can sometimes seem to be overwhelming disappointment. This is a book we all need now.
-Dave Hosseini

Timothy Murphy is a minister-scholar-activist. He is the former Executive Director of Progressive Christians Uniting, a faith and social justice organization that is based in southern California, and has taught courses in Religion and Politics at Claremont School of Theology. He has served in various congregational and ministry settings in Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, and California with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ and was recently called as Senior Pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is his second book, following Counter-Imperial Churching for a Planetary Gospel.

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