Teen Text – Teen Curriculum, Middle School (Electronic)

Where God’s Story and Teens’ Stories Connect

Teen Text was created by The Educational Center, a Partner Organization of ours.
This resource may not fully reflect the theology of Progressive Christianity as we understand it, however, we feel that it is a valuable resource for people at different stages in their faith journey.

teen text 6-8

The lectionary-based TEENTEXT MIDDLE SCHOOL is written for younger teens helps  youth connect the text on the page with events in their daily lives.. These resources guide students into the text, and through a series of open-ended, text-related questions, they begin to see the Bible as a vital, dynamic relevant resource–one that can inform them throughout their lives. These resources enable any interested and committed adult to facilitate the discussions, since the leaders aren’t expected to have THE answer, or to be Biblical scholars or theologians. They simply need to be good listeners and open to their own spiritual growth. This process also allows the students to share leadership.

TeenText resources:

Engage the Learner

Honor life experience and the wisdom of stories

Stimulate critical reflection

Initiate responsible choice-making

Encourage personal and social transformation

Create vital connections between the individual and universal patterns

How It Works: TeenText is different! Instead of providing youth with answers that “come from the Bible,” these resources meet the students where they are – grappling eagerly and passionately with growing up, becoming who they are. In this educational setting the student is the curriculum, not the written study guide.

TeenText helps youth connect the text with their lives by helping them get out of their heads and into their hearts. The format encourages their ownership and continued exploration and application beyond the classroom. Meeting them where they are lowers barriers and invites connections. “Between Sundays” questions help keep students connected to the text during the week.

Each session is organized around questions in three main categories:

GO DEEP (What’s happening in the story)

BE REAL (How is this happening in my world today?)

LET GO (How is this happening in my own life today?)

Each weekly lesson also includes links to optional supplemental materials to support the week’s text using movie clips, YouTube videos, classical and contemporary art, music and poetry.


There are 12 montly issues of TeenText per year. Each issue contains all the Sundays for that month. TeenText is delivered via email. An annual subscription is available for Middle School and/or High School.


Click here for a sample of Middle School Teen Text



12 months of TeenText Middle School $75 (delivered electronically 12 times per year, a full month at a time)

12 months of TeenText High School $75 (delivered electronically 12 times per year, a full month at a time)

A year subscription may commence any month of the year.

Review & Commentary

  • Amber Smyder

    I’m just curious, is your teen curriculum for church use, or classroom use? We homeschool. I’m looking for a Bible curriculum that would be appropriate for our 8th grade son. Something he could do a little each day or even once weekly. I don’t want something that’s super time consuming for prep and completion though. Thanks for any input you can give regarding your teen curriculum for 6-8th.

    Amber Smyder

    • Hi Amber,

      Here is the response from the Producers of Teen Text:

      Thanks for your good question. TeenText can be used for church use either in Sunday School, weekend retreat, youth groups or faith based 6 -8 and or 9 – 12 grade schools. There is no reason for it not to be used in a Home Schooling setting. Background/contextual information for the Bible text is provided each week as well as a series of questions prepared by our writers to help the students explore the story in the text, how this story in the text is reappearing in the world around us today, and how this same story might be going on within the student’s life. We design TeenText to be facilitated by adult lay leaders (parents or other adults, as well as clergy) with a minimum of preparation time required to provide an interesting and meaningful experience with the bible text for the youth. “> Click here for free samples:

      of the complete materials provided for a given week on the Progressive Christianity site if you would like to look closer at the materials. We create new material each week (52 weeks per year) every year, so a student using the material for multiple years (through middles school and/or high school) will always have new and unique material. Do take a look at the links to supplementary materials each week. These may take the form of a movie clip, musical performance, poem, lyrics and classical art that is in some way tangentially related to the weekly text. These art forms (optionally) can serve as additional launching points for group discussion, writing or drawing by the students to express their reactions and interpretation of the texts.

      I co-facilitate a TeenText group of 11 boys ranging in ages from 11 to 13. We have about 45 minutes to cover the material. They are quite talkative once we get rolling. I often find it impossible to use every question in the allotted time, but the multiple questions in each section are available in case the group hesitates to speak at first. My biggest job is to navigate the time frame making sure we travel from the story in the text to the story in the world around us to the students’ own story be for the time is up!

      Please let Deshna (support at progressivechristianity.org) know if I may answer any more questions for you. Good luck to you and your home schoolers!


      Becky Rizzo
      Execution Director of Operations
      The Educational Center/BibleWorkbench/TeenText