Thanksgivings Inspired by the Sermon on the Mount

When Tested

Oh, Source of All Gratitude, help us to be Thankful when we are tested to our limits, stretched beyond belief or relentlessly challenged; for troubled confrontation combined with honest exploration is a gateway to harmonious wisdom.


About Grief

May we be thankful that we can grieve; for through the process of healthy grief comes reconciliation and release. May we be especially thankful when we are reconciled to our weaknesses and can release harmful habits, end disparaging enmity, stop the burden of resentments, cure the disease of revenge and escape the tortures of hatred.


About Enemies

Let us know our enemies humbly with thanks; for those who trouble us can teach us about our fears, and how to face them for transformation. In being reconciled to ourselves assist us to become reconciled to one another and seek peace.


For Wisdom

We can be thankful when we take quiet time to seek harmonious wisdom; for the silent search nourishes our compassion, unruffled mission builds peace, enlightened realization strengthens our dedication and luminous liberation inspires bold visions.


About Caring

Thankfulness abounds as we care for others; for in giving we receive. Teach us how to cease indulging in selfish thoughts, stop pandering to futile preferences, and finish feeding repetitive compulsions. And help the stubbornly inaccessible to accept and appreciate the care of those who seek to love them; for in receiving we give.


In Controversy

Teach us to be thankful when our mission for peace confronts us with challenging insights, confuses our contented assumptions, and confounds prejudiced behavior. Help us to refine strong moral convictions, be steadfast in our quest for justice and remain confident in our search for virtue. May we strive to comprehend all sources of dreadful animosity; for in dependable insights lies freedom.


For Life

May our thankfulness draw our hearts out of ourselves and into generous awareness. Help us to acknowledge root causes, and to understand basic needs, so that we can reveal greater enlightenment. May we gratefully realize the triumphs of transforming faith.


For Pilgrims

Oh foundation of all that is endless, help us to appreciate our temporal seasons and learn from our mystifying transitions. Sway our minds to explore extraordinary challenges. Influence our hearts to welcome diverse approaches. Inhabit our souls with sacred reconciliation, selfless compassion and simple faith, that our sacred visions might be set free. May we follow blessed guidance across each bewildering wilderness to attain the lessons of abiding wisdom. Help us to embark upon each pilgrimage joyfully, beginning with the distance between us, and ending where we share a sacred place.


Source of Grace

May the source of grace help me to receive faith and let go selfishness; Creator of hope teach me to be more encouraged and encouraging; Generator of love remind me to distribute endless, free compassion. Sharer of wisdom stop my denial, evasion, minimization and trivialization of belief. Founder of peace reconcile me to myself, neighbors and outsiders. Oh, enthuser of joy let transforming light shine through my worldly presence.


In Humility

Impulse for Humility, I come with a grateful heart in gratitude for the abundance of my blessings. May I use them in compassionate service.

May I be strong enough to let go persistent compulsions, relinquish crafty habits, abandon anxious explanations and resist vanities

I ask for increased trust, greater hopeful expectation, more compassionate love, and a deeper search for peace.

Help me to treat others with a generous spirit and gracious attitudes. May I show compassion toward all failings, including my own. May I openly accept those who differ from me in color, age, creed, attitude, preferences and demeanor.

And lastly I ask that I might be kind to myself, and accept myself just as I am. May I learn from my experiences, to grow in wisdom. Let me receive friendship, forgiveness and good fortune in the proven certainty of faith.


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