The Book of Mem

What if humans could see auras, could sense the colorful rays that extend out from everything all the time? And what if some of the new children entering the earth could communicate through touch?

The critters of Little Meadow have not seen humans for many years, but one day that all changes. Old Oak holds the story together in a way only an oak tree can. And what a story! A secret escapes and a rock launches virtual reality, showering the creatures at Little Meadow with wonder as well as concern. In this future world a young girl is able to transmit and receive messages through touch. Her brother has powers of his own and he’s learning to use them.

Connect these new humans to an old deserted campground and your passage to a new earth begins. Join us! The Book of Mem waits and Mem has all the time in the world. This sci-fi/ fantasy for grades 3 and 4 includes color coded vocabulary with pronunciation/definition keys after each chapter and questions for discussion at the end.

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Great discussion starter for kids! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book to my best friend’s child, and the illustrations and story are well-constructed. It is a great discussion starter to talk about the “big ideas” of the world. In addition to a sweet story, there are boxes with vocabulary to help build word blocks, and there is a discussion/questions sections to talk about the themes of the book with kids. A fun, “mem”orable read!- Sandra Eckard

Lovely book. I absolutely loved this book. Colorful pages and a whimsical story all rolled into a lovely children’s book. Mrs. Walker is a very talented writer. – Dawn Hartung

Author Jody Walker, M.A believes that behind all the discernible laws and connections, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this incomprehensible essence is her passion. Jody is a mother of two and grandmother of two and owns a pottery studio called Sacred Earth Art.

Illustrator Shannon Benson, B.A. Theatre and an Associate’s in Early Childhood/Elementary Education, and working on a BFA in sculpture/illustration. His interest was piqued after hearing Jody speak her poetry and was drawn to the way her wisdom would unfold in stories similar to Jim Henson.

Jody and Shannon have also published Sophie, Milo and the Great Change.

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