The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith

The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith is the latest book by Dr. James F. McGrath, Associate Professor of Religion at Butler University in Indianapolis and a well-known voice for progressive Christianity. In it, McGrath wrestles with the relationship between critical historical investigation and the life-changing effects of personal religious experience. In investigating the Gospels, McGrath concludes that Jesus was buried dishonorably, and he goes on to explore the implications of this for our understanding of the rise of Christian faith in the resurrection.

According to McGrath, Christian faith cannot be about what happened to a body almost 2,000 years ago. But the power of religious experience to change lives, evidenced in the early Christian community, remains accessible to Christians today.

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The Burial of Jesus will be helpful to all those struggling to approach the Bible and their faith in a way that is at once profoundly spiritual and rigorously honest and critical.

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