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The Call of the Awe

Rediscovering Christian Profundity in an Interreligious Era

Why do we do religion? Religion appears in human life because every human being, even if not fully aware of it, lives in a land of mystery with rushing rivers of freedom, imposing mountains of care, and wild seas of tranquility. This land of mystery penetrates the land of ordinary living at every point. Awe is our experience of this ever-present Eternity. This book is about how the Awe that is happening in our everyday lives is key to understanding both the renewal of Christianity and the need for non-bigoted dialogue among all religions on Earth.

About the Author

Gene Marshall has a long history of participation in Christian renewal and interreligious dialogue. For fourteen years he was a staff member of the Ecumenical Institute. For seven years he was the dean of an 8-week residential leadership-training program training religious leadership and inquirers from all over the world. He led seven similar programs in Europe, India, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and Australia. He has a bachelor?s degree in mathematics; a master?s degree in theology, and extensive further study .He was ordination in the Methodist Church and served as a local church pastor and as a chaplain in the army. He is now doing full-time research and training for Realistic Living, a nonprofit organization for religious and ethical research.

Review & Commentary