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The Divine Human

With our unprecedented longevity, aging has become a new developmental stage in the human life cycle.

Conscious sacred aging now offers humanity profound opportunities for psychological, spiritual and mystical transformation, expanding not only our lifespan but our awareness of God as well. What if we discover in this awakening that we are already divine? What if this realization transforms our very nature and purpose in the world?

The Divine Human answers these questions and more, revealing the ultimate meaning of the New Aging.


John brings his considerable years of study, reflection and life experience to this inspiring book that opens us to the divine, the sacred, the mystical. He brilliantly brings his considerable years of study and experience to his words which open us to a foundation and an invitation; offers us quotes for contemplation and reflection; shares his own profound mystical experiences and wisdom; and suggests practices to take us deeper into our own experience of the mystical. This little gem of a book is a life course for those wishing to deepen their connection to the Divine, and a must for those in their elder years who are seeking the riches of a deeply spiritual life. ~ E. Bell

John Robinson’s discovery of what it means to be fully alive is aptly subtitled as “the final transformation” as it could well be the last book I ever need to read on the meaning of life, especially as we age. I envision re-reading this book over and over again, a lifetime of wisdom and a culmination from someone who is the real deal. This book is so full of life, love and wisdom, it virtually glows off the page! Highly recommended! ~ Carol Osborn, Ph.D.

About the Author

John Robinson, psychologist, minister and author, has written about the psychological and spiritual transformation of adults for over 20 years, receiving praise from numerous visionary writers including Angeles Arrien, Arjuna Ardagh, Robert Atchley, Robert Bly, Allan Chinen, Mathew Fox, John Gray, Andrew Harvey, Gay Hendricks, Robert Johnson, Aaron Kipnis, Stanley Krippner, Malidoma Some, Harry Moody, Carol Osborn, Kenneth Ring, Bernie Siegel, Jacquelyn Small, Jeremy Taylor and Jonathan Young.

Other books by John Robinson: Breakthrough: A Novel and The Three Secrets of Aging.

Review & Commentary