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The Doorway

As our lives tread onward, we find ourselves on the Earth side of a “door”

Mortality certain to face us, we wonder what’s beyond –what is the “more?”


It’s through that door where an awesome revelation lies to answer the Mystery

But can we now come closer to the Creator in living a life of spiritual destiny?


With lives hoped to be lived fully and lovingly in giving purpose to our being

We look to God to provide guidance in discovering a divine-like way of seeing


In the Bible we find ways of living and believing from ancient times of old

A means of knowing what it took to live life — as if “from the Creator” told


We pay homage to chosen ancient texts said to reveal a divine-like presence

In liturgy we say what our ancestors may have found, reciting every sentence


Can we build upon what the ancients said, acknowledging their quest for God?

Blending in contemporary scholarly thoughts — at “reason” we’d quickly nod!


The ultimate “knowing” of God for each of us being on an individual path

Yet as Christians we can walk the journey together, not having to look back


And when we’re brought to that door which will open as we breathe our last

To God may we be grateful for life that was given, onto eternity we will pass


Topics: Aging, Spiritual Exploration & Practice, and Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons and Life Celebration (funeral). Resource Types: Poetry and Readings.

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