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The Eighth Apocalypse: Part 4


The Higher Mind, Quantum Physics, and the Basis of Hope

Determinism is Antithetical to Free Will
The famous mathematician, LaPlace, claimed that he could calculate the future state of everything in the world if he had enough information. (Goswami) From the big bang to this very moment everything is the result of one particle banging against each other with a quantifiable force and direction, at least in the physical world of matter. This is the entire basis of science. To be able to substantiate a hypothesis one must show that its “predictions” are correct and must be repeatable in different laboratory settings. All these predictions are based on determinism.

Determinism is also the basis of Christian fundamentalist belief systems. Adam fell and caused us to fall and we cause our children to fall etc. The only solution to this, apparently, is if we follow the dogmas that the religious powers provide for their own benefit. We don’t even have to understand the dogmas and they are made so as not to be understood. As long as we do and don’t do what they tell us and financially support them we will be fine. They will deal with all the fine print.

Quantum physics, in contrast, is based on probability and uncertainty, therefore, it is not possible to know where an electron actually is, much less where it is going to be in the future. Likewise, the emission of a particle by an individual radioactive atom cannot be predicted. Not everything can be predicted, therefore quantum physics is “acausal” and nondeterministic. This is why Einstein shrieked, “God does not play dice!” At the smallest and most fundamental level of the universe, all is probability and absolutely not predictable based on current events. To clarify again, that’s what is meant by “acausal”. Obviously, everything that happens has a cause, it’s just that a range of probabilities allows for some unexpected results and is the basis of creativity. It’s also our only hope of survival as will be discussed.

One can predict with very good accuracy the decay rate of a mass of radioactive elements as the result of the weak force. (Currivan) The greater the number of atoms, the greater the accuracy based on an overall average of many atoms. Individual atoms, on the other hand, can not be predicted at all. It could be any second or it could be a million years before one decays. In keeping with the concept of fractals and self-similarity of the universe, this concept also applies to humans.

On a global scale it is pretty easy to predict the outcome of human history–war and war profiteers, blood and destruction. This is what the BOR is portraying–Armageddon, the beast, and all that stuff as discussed in the last essay. This is the mass mind of humans in the deterministic realm of the four dimensions of space and time. Yet, each individual human is impossible to predict what they may do. Each person is exposed to all the influences from all the other dimensions that exist outside and inside the four dimensions of space and time and experienced as imagination and desire. My thesis is that our true free will consists of these other multidimensional influences and our connection to them. (Schroeder, Levy)

In the deterministic level of things there is no free will. Everything that will be, is determined by what has been before and there is no deviation. Our corporeal physical body is limited by this lack of will. Our body is driven by its physical needs which it is predisposed to. History is doomed to repeat itself because humans are bound to our same old greed, century after century and we are powerless to change it. We may choose one form of violence over another. We have enough free will to beat another with a stick or choose to shoot them with a gun. This is about the extent to which we our much cherished free will really exists. Watch the movies and the video games. All we do is watch people beating people over the head and that is what is what we are trained to do. This is training paid for by the oligarchs and their fundamentalist accomplices.

The Basis of True Free Will
Since matter behaves deterministically and matter forms as the result of gravity, it can be said that gravity is antithetical to free will. Gravity limits what we can do. Our involvement in many social structures frequently acts like gravity and saddles us with belief limiting dogmas and obligations. In social circles it’s called,”being a drag.” Mass is a drag. Explains inertia. Amazing how it works!

True free will, in contrast, is spontaneous as is quantum physics and chaos. (Schroeder) The results of quantum physics is as unpredictable as the breakdown of individual radioactive particles and the results of both are determined by the Zero Point Field at a higher level of consciousness. (Capra) In order to have true free will we must rely on the inputs of our unconsciousness channeling the superconscious which is expressed through the ZPF. We are all galaxies and nebula and entire universes in a microscopic form. (Levy)

One thing we learn from physics is that if we exist as a mass with its attendant gravity, social and otherwise, then our decay rate is certain. But, if we leave the pack and learn to think for ourself, our “decay rate” becomes less certain. We must learn to think for our self and not let other people do our thinking for us.

The hazard of traditional thinking is that we become habitual thinkers. Habitual thinking is what makes us “material” and subject to determinism and its fates including death. This is the death incurred by the allegorical Tree of Knowledge as discussed in previous essays.

Abstaining from the habitual thinking of the masses is meant by the allegory of “descending into the earth” and “wondering in the wilderness” as taught by shamanism and the Bible. This can be extremely difficult in almost all social systems on the planet. This is exactly why the BOR says, “come out of her my people that you become not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her plaques.” (Rev 8:14). In most cultures, in most of time, coming out as oneself and opposing culture and custom is difficult. Nonconformity usually meant social excommunication and all the ramifications such as not being able to buy food or have any social interaction including having any help fighting off hungry animals. Pretty much a death sentence. This is the real result of being excommunicated. This is how the ruling forces have used and still use religious dogma to control the masses.

On an individual basis we have no free will if we think with our conscious mind only. The only source of true free will is from the spontaneous thoughts generated from the unconscious. Unconscious thinking includes the feelings of the heart, gut feelings, and intuition in a number of forms. The unconsciousness is equivalent to quantum physics and the consciousness is equivalent to determinism and Newtonian physics. (Levy)

Thus, there are two sources of influence in our universe and mentalverse. There is the deterministic one which is basically the inertia of all preceding events of interaction and the resultant outcomes as causality. These events are in a “time domain” in that they are sequential, particulate, and include social and cultural pressures. This is our “day to day” life.

Quantum physics, in contrast, says that mind and matter are one. These means we are also outside of the “time domain”. This is exactly why we are confused. We have a capacity for a time domain that is based on determinism and its associated logic which is the basis of “consciousness”. But, we also have a nonlocal, “eternal now” mode which is holographic and thinks in terms of wholeness. Unfortunately, we have been trained and conditioned to think that the thinking mode of wholeness was evil and the place of the devil. This is exemplified by the forbidden nature of “games of chance” such as casting lots and gambling. I understand the negative social ramifications of gambling but nobody told the apostles that casting lots was evil. (Acts. 1:24-26)

It’s very important to note, however, that neither of these ways of thinking is “wrong”. What is “wrong” is saying we must only think in one way or the other. We think in both modes all the time. We are particulate beings and we need to eat. We are also spirits in a physical body and we need to feed our soul and see the big picture.

So, the paradox of the simultaneous existence of time and no time, free will and no free will, wave and particle, consciousness and unconscious, determinism and acausality, all these are true simultaneously. This is what quantum physics says. (Levy). The real basis of faith, in my opinion, is to be able to juggle the two opposites expressed as complementarity in quantum physics.

On the human level we say we want the freedom to exercise our free will. We want to be free to pursue our ideas and dreams. Where do these ideas and dreams come from? They come from our unconscious mind which receives them from the superconscious which is the same thing that determines the time of decay of an individual radioactive atom. As Paul Levy writes, consciousness must be included in the understanding of physics.

God is randomness, chaos, and spontaneity relative to our dimension. If the Old Testament God is the real God, then in our four dimensional world the multidimensional God would be unpredictable, spontaneous, and not afraid to throw away a bad experiment but then regrets throwing it away only to destroy it again. This is the Old Testament God!

Creativity requires randomness, chaos, spontaneity. This is the way it is in quantum physics, evolution, and thought. Not only does God play dice, God has the monopoly on the entire cosmic casino! This explains the “crazy” God of the Old Testament expressed in our time domain as being temperamental and contrary. The God of the Old Testament is definitely a sketchy and unreliable character but this is also the personification of nature: “Cute little bumble bee…ow!”

When we think multidimensionally, we realize that there is a higher level dimension of thought and we usually call it “unconscious”. All these ideas and dreams come from the unconsciousness and “bubble up” into our consciousness. Ultimately, all the ideas that come from the unconsciousness comes from the superconscious which ultimately is the same as the timeless state of undifferentiated energy of the ZPF. Thus, at one level there is no free will and at another level there is. Jesus said, “My father works here now and I work”. (Jn 5:17)

When we speak of the great treasure of freedom, we speak of the opportunity to follow our dreams. We are free to express and develop that which compels us. We have no choice to deny our unconsciousness compulsions, whatever they may be. Our free will comes to us as ideas and dreams that we feel compelled to follow and want the freedom to follow yet, then, they become obsessions and we have no choice but to follow them and yet we call it “free will”! Whose will is our will anyway? Dare I say it? I will: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Mt 6:10) It all comes from a higher or inner self which is our “soul” which is our connection to our Higher Self, which some want to call God which is fine. We need to ditch some old bath water but we need to put the baby on a table first.

The Power of Grace
Certainly, we all have the capacity to be extremely good as well as extremely bad. What determines what choices we make? In II Kings 8:7-15 is a story where Elisha was asked by the servant of the king of Syria whether the king would survive his illness. Elisha saw into the soul of the servant and wept. He told the servant the king will survive but be dead anyway and “you”, glaring at the servant, will become a mass murderer and a war criminal committing genocide against Israel. The servant was shocked and said, “What am I? A dog that I should do these things?” The next day the servant murdered the king and became a curse on Israel. The wonders of the human mind and its capacity for self-deceit! Another case of cognitive dissonance working wonders in the political world. It is going on in the world today at a so called “biblical scale”.

Except for the grace of God there goes all of us. We are all capable of infinite evil as well as infinite good. Well, how about maybe just a little good. This is the hazard of being a reptile with a cortex. With grace some humans have done amazing good things. Grace comes from the higher levels of mind as does our intuition and true will. It’s the same “force” that determines when a radioactive particle decays or annihilates. This is the same force that is the only hope of our continuation as conscious beings at any level that is above the burning hell of corrupt politicians and their attendant false prophets engaging in endless warfare and pillaging.

The point of the whole subject is that there is a level of our mind way beyond our comprehension. It is primordial. It is fundamental (but not fundamentalist!) and exists as an intelligence that we can’t fathom. It is as deep as the Zero Point Field. It is unpredictable, chaotic (but not random even though randomness is an important aspect), and creative. It exists in our unconscious mind and our superconscious. We are part of it and it is part of us.

That same field which ultimately determines the fate of a radioactive atom’s particle emission also ultimately determines the fate of our own state of being. In physics it’s called half-life decay based on the weak force. In Biblical terms it is called grace. They both come from the same place of higher dimensions. The point is, all of this is within us! The human ruling forces of earth tell us we are nothing but hopeless wretches. This is the great lie the BOR is exposing.

The timeless, undifferentiated energy field “desires” the enlightenment of all people as much as it “desires” that all spontaneous chemical reactions achieve the lowest free energy state. Nevertheless, “It must needs be that evil come, but woe unto that man from whom they come.” (This includes women too). (Mt 18:7) Just as evolution only progresses as the result of catastrophic events, so human enlightenment can only occur as the result of the existence of some really evil people. It is only grace that we are not one of the bringers of evil but bringers of light. But then, maybe we’re not that either. We should examine ourselves. (2 Cor. 13:5)

This idea is also the basis for forgiving ones enemies. It is because of our enemies that we learn many things that we could not learn otherwise (Mt 5: 43-48) If everybody forgave their enemies then there would be no more enemies! When we realize this, we will understand that they were sent to us by our unconsciousness and superconsciousness (i.e. from “God” however one wants to define the term). Our mental development is no more a result of our own free will in our conscious mind than the education of children is the result of their own free will. We all know what they would prefer to do and I can’t blame them. Nevertheless, it is a survival game we’re in and we need to to pay attention.

Thus we conclude that one of the most important aspects of multidimensional thinking is that we learn to submit to a higher will, that being our own unconsciousness and superconscious. Some people prefer to call this “God”, but they are one and the same. Jesus said “It is not I that do it, it is my Father within me. He is the one that does it.” (Jn 3:13 14:10) We wait to be instructed and watch for the lessons. Our “mind’ is much greater than we generally realize. As Jesus said, “I say unto you, ‘watch!’”. (Mt 25:13, Mark 13:37)

The only hope we really have that the world will not be destroyed by stupid humans is if the unconsciousness “bubbles up” a conscious collective awareness as strong a anything in the last ten thousand years. One can only hope that the ZPF will allow some atoms to emit some really strong “not so stupid particles” (NSSP). Millions and billions of NSSP please!

The politicians and the corporations do not have the will to change anything. They are stuck in their own deterministic asteroid belt of self-destruction and they will drown themselves in their own pit of oil and gold and they will drag everyone else down with them. As for the rest of us, we can only hope that our higher mind will receive grace and focus our global mind as strong as a laser. A laser mind so strong that the Earth destroyers will say to the mountains and to the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!” (Rev 6:15 ) This is us who want to be united with nature and the universe!

In the meantime, it’s essential that each person advance their own enlightenment that promotes self-awareness and compassion in whatever way works for them. It’s not about being religious, it’s about learning to love one’s self so one can also love your neighbor. Loving ourself has really been downplayed in the last ten thousand years. The oligarch/religion complex says we should beat our selves with sticks and beg for forgiveness. We are takers and a strain on the good graces of the kingdom and we should be willing to be eviscerated for the glory of the king if the king wants a war to improve his voter polls. This is all manipulation of the masses for the benefit of the one percent of the population and has gone on for ages. The great experiment of Democracy in America was the exception and it’s not going so well at the moment.

The Quantum Revelation of Christ
In Matthew 24:27 it is written,”For as lightning comes out of the east and shines to the west so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.” This doesn’t sound very “literal”. What is all this about shining and lightning? We are talking about light and the speed of light. Why is it mentioned that lightning will shine from the East to the West? The sun comes up in the East and sets in the West. But lightning is mentioned and not the sun.

The point is that according to Jesus, his second coming would be a flash of light. What kind of light? The same light as his first coming: “In him was life and the life was the light of men (and women)”. (Jn. 1:4) It is the same flash of light as his first appearance resulting in a higher consciousness. Unfortunately, for the last two thousand years this light has been suppressed and buried as the church established by Constantine was asserting its dogmas of repression and torture keeping with its pledge to help the oligarchs stay in control the world. In this second flash, however, Jesus will be much more aggressive and blow the lid off of the oligarchs and their faithful religious minions.

In my opinion, this flash of light has already reached us. It is a form of knowledge never understood before. It is a form of science that can unite science and spirituality. For hundreds of years science and religion have been devout enemies even though they were both deterministic! Science has undergone a revolution and finally realizes the flip side of determinism. Determinism is still true but that was only half the picture. The other half of the picture is a universe based on consciousness.

Basically, we create our own reality. Our mind creates our physical reality. The state of the world is the way it is because we have all made it that way. People keep looking for external causes to blame for the destruction of earth. Guess what? We’re all in this together and we need to get it together or we are all going to die with no lasting descendants and the human race will go extinct like all the other Homo species have gone extinct.

Jesus will not save us. You know why? In Genesis it is written that we have been given dominion over the earth and we have been commanded to keep it and maintain it. (Gen. 2:15) We failed that obligation and we destroyed the Earth because of greed and stupidity. Also, the idea that Peter was the basis of the Catholic church is bogus nonsense. Jesus said, “What you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and what you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Mt. 16:19) This mandate was to all of us, not just to Peter as the church as asserted. This was the biggest theft in the galaxy. People of the Earth! What do you want in heaven and earth? Don’t you realize we have been given the keys to the kingdom of heaven and hell? What do you want in heaven and earth?

In addition to quantum physics another scientific process working in our favor is “chaos” theory. When Lorenz was trying to model the behavior of weather on early computers he discovered in a very accidental way that very small differences can have very big results. As Robin Merrill expounds, Lorenz tried to save on computer time so he knocked of the last eight decimal places of a number and got completely different results. Who would have thought .0000517 of anything would have an effect on everything? Likewise, in chemistry errors are not just cumulative, they are exponentially cumulative, especially in biochemistry.

This is just the way nature and the universe works. This means that what we all do has very big effects. This is how the lightning shines from the east to the west. When human consciousness reaches a critical mass and we understand that science is not the enemy of true spirituality then the scales will fall off the eyes of dogma shrouded humanity and we will escape from Plato’s cave.

The Marriage of the Lamb and the New Jerusalem
This wedding ceremony is manifested in the BOR after all the bowls of wrath and all the other stuff is over. How is it manifested? It is manifest as “The Bride of Christ”. It is Eve, the unconscious, all grownup and in high heels (or sandals). Who is Christ but Adam all grown up and having achieved perfect three dimensional integration of secondary knowledge? How is this all represented? It is represented by a perfect cube clear as crystal! (Rev 21:16) It is equally developed in all directions with no bias. It is not opaque with literalism and dogma. It is open to the light of the infinite knowledge of the Zero Point Field which some people may prefer to call God or an aspect of God. The interesting thing about a cube is that a cube unfolded in a two dimensional form where one edge is connected, a two dimensional surface that is a cross is the result. The cross is a cube in two dimensions. Try it out. This is science, not fundamentalism!

The cube of the New Jerusalem is in a different dimension than ours because it says that it has no need of the sun or the moon but the Lord himself is the glory of it. Critical conscious mass has been reached and a new quantum leap in human thought capacity has finally happened.
When the human race can collectively cooperate and consciously integrate its unconsciousness with the purpose of manifesting physical reality then, indeed, will the Kingdom of God be on earth. The BOR portrays this new world as being governed from a multidimensional, transparent cube called “The New Jerusalem”.

The foundation of the New Jerusalem is knowledge as indicated by the twelve layers being the doctrine of the twelve Apostles. This is not the dogma of exoteric Christianity. Instead it is the true doctrine as taught by Jesus who said “The Kingdom of God is within you”. The foundation of the New Jerusalem is “clear as crystal” and allows new information from the ZPF to come in. Christianity must grow, adapt, or die! (Spong)

The people on the Earth will have a clear channel from their conscious mind to their unconsciousness mind and the superconscious mind. Then the knowledge of God shall fill the land as waters fill the seas! The trees of the field shall clap their hands! (Isaiah 55:12)

The purpose of the universe seems to be to evolve a form of consciousness that can recognize its own source. This completes the circuit and cycle of all energy. Worshipping and praising God does not mean to grovel and beat ourselves with sticks as fundamentalists require. Nor does it mean to get hyped up in some kind of emotional mania based on nothing. It means to “watch (observe)” and learn and grow because it is the nature of life and the universe to do so. It means to study science and nature and be amazed at what’s goes on.

The importance of the “observer” can not be over emphasized. In fact, some physicists even suggested that the observers (us and many others) have created the observed universe but, from a non-time based state. What this means is that the highest levels of our superconscious mind exists outside of time and it is our highest selves that is forming the universe for ourselves. (Levy)

That would mean we are gods! It says so right there in psalms. (Psalm 82.6:) We humans have evolved and come to such a state that all of humankind is about to make a “quantum leap” to a whole new level of thinking which will change the universe itself forever. This is what the insane oligarchs and the fundamentalist have been fighting for thousands of years, yet, they will not prevail.

All humans have been given the responsibility and the power to create the universe and we have created what we have. We must be willing to think in a larger arc, a more holistic way of thinking and many are already doing it and changing the world but we are facing our ultimate Armageddon with the rise of fascism around the world especially in the United States. Who would have thought it? Will the orks and the trolls win the last battle? Not if the history of the universe in the last fourteen billion years repeats itself and the resurrection power conquers darkness once again, as it has in the past. The flash of life will come again. Pray hard and “watch”.

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