The End of Our Axial Age

We are approaching the end of an Age that began eight/six thousand years ago after our movement out of Africa and into Egypt and the Levant and beyond. We had moved out of Africa before that, but this time it was different. Something of positive import to human civilization was taking place. Looking back, there were a broad range of achievements. Yet, many of these “achievements” are now beginning to haunt us. Scientists today are giving us warning. They are telling us we are in many respects living in alienation of Planet earth’s Biosphere. Some are even saying that because of this alienation, we all may be facing extinction. So this is the question we now face. How did this long seemly positive evolutionary journey of Homo sapiens suddenly come to this point? Was it the abrupt change in the thought process we adopted with the onset of our Axial Age? All scientific evidence points to the fact that clearly it was. With this came a redirection in thought from the prior horizontal transcendental relationship with Planet earth that had successfully guided our evolutionary biological development from our very beginning. We turned our backs on that former horizontal transcendental relationship. It is now becoming clear that is our problem.

So the questions we now face are these: Can we bring it back? Can we incorporate that former relationship into a new Age beyond this one that will assure our survival on this planet? The answer is that we can, but only by changing the way we now think and the way we now live. This will require that we accept a pre Axial Age Homo sapiens evolutional reality. Here it is. We are not separate from but are part of a rhythm that is in a sense “the mind” of the Cosmos. Our purpose here on this planet is to live our lives in ethical concurrence with that rhythm, that cosmic mind. If we chose not to do so, as with any other life form in defiance; we will no longer continue to exist.

Two quotes, one from Albert Einstein and the other from Herschel Elliott are in order. (As quoted in my new book, Click Here for comp copy)

“The problems in the world today are so enormous they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them.”
~ Albert Einstein

“All ethical behavior must be relative to the protection and sustenance of the Earth’s diverse yet mutually supporting systems of all living things.”
~ Herschel Elliott

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