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The Essential Mystics : Selections from the World’s Great Wisdom Traditions

From a highly popular and respected scholar, poet and lecturer and one of the nation’s most celebrated authorities on mysticism comes the paperback edition of a brilliant introduction to the essential texts and themes of the great mystic visionaries. Whether it’s based on the Buddhist vision of the Bodhisattva or the Christian concept of service, the mystic’s journey is one take on behalf of all humanity and that journey is the same in all traditions. This wide range of selections brings readers the essential themes and personalities of the mystic experience. Beautifully introduced with practical analysis and vital historical information, The Essential Mystics offers extras from many traditions, including Buddhist, Sikh, Taoist, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Hopi, Aborigine and Kogi.

Essential Mystics

This book is an easy read and offers practical insights to numerous mystical traditions. It opens with Native American “voices” telling us that we have to re-connect with nature and the “majesty of the universe.” It touches on eight paths to a more spiritual life, and explains how many of the traditions interrelate. This book is for the seeker with few preconceived ideas and opinions about what is Truth. It assists those interested in integrating ideas from various cultures into any of the mainstream religions.

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