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The Folly of God

Westar Institute/Polebridge Press

In this radical reading of Paul’s famous claim that God stands with the nobodies of the world, Caputo explores the idea that the real interest of theology is not God—especially not God as supreme being.

Inspired by Paul Tillich’s suggestion that atheism is not the end of theology but is instead the beginning, and working this together with Derrida’s idea of the undeconstructible, Caputo explores the idea that the real interest of theology is not God, especially not God as supreme being, but the unconditional. The Folly of God continues the radical reading of Paul’s explosive language in 1 Corinthians about the stand God makes with the nothings and nobodies of the world first introduced in The Weakness of God and The Insistence of God.

Folly of God

“This volume represents the most accessible and arresting account yet of John Caputo’s radical theology. His brilliant questioning challenges the reader to rethink religion after the death of the God. … This book is a mind-changer.” —Richard Kearney, Boston College

“It’s not easy to find a guide who knows the rough terrain of [God] questions, but Jack Caputo occupies this zone and will take you with him if you have the curiosity and courage to accept the invitation.” —Brian D. McLaren, author of “We Make the Road by Walking”.

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