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The Future of Christian Deconstruction

Will Deconstruction hurt Christianity or help save it?

THE FUTURE OF Christianity resides in the hearts and minds of young people. Things could look better than they currently do. Prayer, church attendance, and belief in God and doctrine have declined with each generation, with the most common religious identity among 18-29-year-olds being NONE.

Deconstruction and the future of the faith.

Listen to the founder of The Deconstruction Network and author of Christianity without Dogma discuss and debate deconstruction and the future of Christianity in this 30-minute video.
As Church membership declines and moderate Christians leave, many remaining churches are contracting and radicalizing.
How did Christianity become less like Jesus and more like the Pharisees?
Is this a once in a generation opportunity?

Click and Watch the below video: “An Introduction to Christianity Without Dogma”
a discussion between Jack Bergstrand and Phil Drysdale (Deconstruction Network). 

Review & Commentary