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The God Experience

That we “exist” as human beings is certain as a fact

Created/evolved through a lengthy process — others say an act


A Creator-God often viewed as the prime reason for “being”

A mystery question that seeks an answer, one that’s not misleading


Matter becoming conscious and wanting to contemplate all of this

Pondering also a Creator’s spirit energy where nothing went amiss


For some the passioned search for God has long-ago been ended

They live out rather shallow lives as if spiritually unattended


Many religions have formed as various pathways to the Creator

All reaching out to give the “answers,” not deferred to later


Fundamental Christians may see the Bible as literally “all is true”

Casting a suspicious eye on Christians with a more figurative view


Some see Jesus with genealogical eyes as the “true and only” Son

Or Jesus as God’s Earthly human messenger, our spirits to be One


Some view the Bible as the literal and inerrant word of God

As if handed down from the sky with the Creator’s authoritative nod


Or more as a literary recording of the writers’ experiences of the time

Written to capture their personal relationship with a Creator so divine


The Bible as history glimpses some of Jesus’ special teachings

Oral history viewing his life and ways as spiritually so reaching


To love God and one another, spoken as the highest-order command

To live life fully as human — and humanely — there’s few other demands


Who was this man, born to the Earth, the scholars have debated

Just take from it what you can, God will never be deflated


A God who’s seen as much more than a supreme theistic being

Spirit flows eternally through all time and space — my personal believing


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