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The Jesus Puzzle- Did Christianity Begin with a Mythical Christ

The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity begin with a mythical Christ? is a thorough presentation of my argument that no historical Jesus existed. Full and comprehensive survey of the question, from the epistles to the Gospels, canonical and non-canonical documents, from Jewish and pagan philosophers and historians to the second century Christian apologists.

The book is largely an original work, not a compilation of website articles, although my “Second Century Apologists” article is reproduced as the final chapter. There are new insights and discussions not hitherto found on the site, such as on the origin of the Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of Thomas, gnosticism and docetism, the second century (Apostolic Fathers, Papias, Marcion, Acts of the Apostles, etc.). My views on Flavius Josephus have been given some reworking and expansion. Like the website itself, I have styled the book for the general reader, though the scholarly community should find it of value as well.

390 pages, complete with extensive and informative notes, appendices, bibliography, and index. Softcover edition, with full-color, laminated cover and fine-quality paper.

Here are some typical reviews of The Jesus Puzzle, from professional scholars to the average lay reader:

“A remarkable book it is. Extremely well-written and very persuasive.” Darrell Doughty, Professor of the New Testament, Drew University, Fellow of the Jesus Seminar and co-editor of “The Journal of Higher Criticism”

“This is the most compelling argument ever published in support of the theory that Jesus never existed as an historical person.” Frank R. Zindler, editor of “American Atheist”

“I have never read such scholarship in so easy a style. You have a wonderful way of conveying quite complex ideas in an easy to understand manner. I’ve read a great many books challenging (Jesus’) historicity, but nothing as ‘dead on’ as your book.” Judith Hayes, author of “In God We Trust…But Which God?”

“The research is impeccable, and the conclusions you make are amazing. After spending most of my life drowning in fundamentalist Christianity, I feel that a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders.” Adam C., a reader from

“(Your book) is fresh, vigorous and carries the reader forward with real style…It is my opinion that the book makes the case as masterfully and concisely as it could. I started the book determined to discredit it. By the time I reached the middle of the book, you had made your case. By the time I finished the book, I had an entirely new sense of what it means to “study the Bible as literature.” Greg G., a reader from Massachusetts

“He is a clear writer, as clear as I’ve read.” Oscar G., a reviewer on

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