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“The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth”

From the Boundless Life collection

“The meek shall inherit the Earth” said Christ (1)

But what could this mean for the people today?

While corp’rates and rich folk gain more and more land

The poor live in slums where they’re still forced to stay.


At best all the peasants respect the Earth

Which nurtures their wise and their life-giving ways.

These people both care for the mothering Earth

With lightness of touch and with songs of her praise.


When living invites us to share our life

We find that ourselves and the Earth are both one.

This wisdom discovered in ages long past

Transmits from each parent to daughter and son.


The mantra demanding increasing growth

Denies all the limits of nature’s resource

And leads to some life-forms becoming extinct

Through actions which markets will often endorse.


Though markets collapse and more jobs are lost

Amid all the growth of both pain and despair

The Bible provides a bright beacon of hope;

Apostles who shared all their wealth and their prayer. (2)


Their commune of sharing remains the goal

That Christians forever should seek to attain,

But sharing requires a commitment of will,

A mellowing heart and a reprogrammed brain.


The Earth calls us all to control the growth

Of people and what we all seek to consume.

Through finding new ways we can trade and can share

The Christ of the poor will arise from the tomb.


(1)Matthew 5:5 (AV)   (2) Acts 2:43-47

This hymn can be used as a poetry reading or with exposition between the verses.

Text and Music © William Livingstone Wallace.

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